Closing the Bones

Rebozo RelaxationClosing the Bones is one of the many ancient traditions women usually participate in during the weeks and months following the birth of their babies. This kind of ceremony, which are upheld in various countries across the world, sacred rituals handed down generations, skills passed through the birthlines of women in communities far and wide, welcoming women in their journey to motherhood.  Closing the Bones as a postnatal ritual originates in Ecuador and involves the use of blended essential oils, soothing massage of the abdomen, pelvis and hips blended with the relaxating rhythm of rebozo and using the soft fabric of the rebozo, you may be gently wrapped afterwards to complete the massage. This gentle combination of massage, rebozo techniques and wrapping can help to nurture a new mother and encourages the closing of her body which have been opened up both emotionally and physically during the journey of pregnancy, labour and birth.

Closing the Bones is a lovely postnatal session that I would like to share with you. Available at anytime after the birth of your baby, even many years after, you can benefit from this healing ritual as part of your journey. If you feel you would benefit from Closing the Bones, I am available to provide you with this wonderful, nurturing postnatal session. Please get in touch for more details.

Closing the Bones in Cheshire, Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.