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**COVID-19 Service Update**

The safety of your own family as well as my own takes priority above current guidance. Some decisions we make may seem overly cautious but necessary as a precautionary step.
Business practices have changed and adapted throughout 2020-2022, and continue to be reviewed on an almost daily basis. This page will be updated as each recommendation changes from Public Health England and UK Government.

Winter 2021-Spring 2022
DECEMBER 2021-MARCH 2022 – Some sessions may be offered remotely, either planned or on short notice.

Understanding the importance of the advice given by the UK agencies responsible for providing us with information in the current health crisis, I have reduced, revised or suspended some of my usual services. I aim provide updates here as often as needed when service provision updates are available. I hope in this worrying time, you are keeping safe and your family are well and healthy.

Placenta Remedies – ONGOING (with additional precautions in place)
We have stringent measures in place already as a provider of Placenta Remedies. We have added extra precautionary measures to continue providing this service to parents including contactless collection.

Antenatal Sessions – ONGOING
All antenatal sessions are now being provided to families in person, online, and via Zoom link. As always, regular contact via Whatsapp is available for anyone who opts into antenatal sessions. Families will continue to receive the same options for antenatal classes they would normally receive in their home, with me on the other end of a laptop or mobile device.

Postnatal Visits – ONGOING (online and remote support also available)
In-person postnatal care, shopping, cooking and practical support are currently reinstated with restrictions – please contact me to discuss. Online support, video calls and other remote support is available for general questions, infant feeding and parenting support.

Infant Feeding/Breastfeeding Support ONGOING (in person and online)
If you wish to have a visit for one to one support for infant feeding whether breastfeeding or mixed feeding or have any other feeding related issues, sessions are continuing in person and online as an IBCLC. Please also utilise the National Breastfeeding Helpline and Association of Breastfeeding Mothers Helpline where appropriate, volunteers are continuing to answer the phone lines.

Birth Doula – Reduced Capacity – 2022
If you would like doula support please get in touch as early as you can.
Currently reduced except where remote support is acceptable to your family due to some hospitals only allowing 1 birth partner. Video link and remote antenatal classes can still be provided for those families who wish to have doula support for their birth.

Enquiry Form
Visits can be scheduled to start upto 8pm on weekday evenings and 6pm on weekends. Morning sessions start at 8am.

2020 Timeline throughout COVID-19 Pandemic

13th March – existing families only and emergency 121 breastfeeding visits
18th March – final home visits before full closure of in-person services, except placenta remedies collection (necessary travel as part of this service)
19th March – full roll out of online remote support for Antenatal, Birth and Postnatal services
30th March – continuing with online support packages via Zoom video calling, telephone and whatsapp messages
28th May – Socially distanced measures in place for visits in your garden or other outdoor space can now be arranged (weather dependent). Remote support will replace any visits which cannot be attended in person. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
1st June – Antenatal Only packages available for parents who would usually opt for in-person doula support with the option to later upgrade, only if practices are able to adapt nearer the time of birth.
11th July – Continuing with online support for infant feeding and assessments. Garden visits ongoing (weather dependent). Postnatal support on a case by case basis, with limited availability.
26th July – In person visits with COVID-secure procedures in place. Appointments strictly on a case by case basis and may be swapped for a video consultation for antenatal and infant feeding visits at short notice.
1st September – Local lockdown areas may come under different rules – Government/PHE advice will continue to be followed.
November 2020 Lockdown – support continues alongside guidelines; antenatal sessions moved to online, postnatal visits are in person where they cannot be facilitated online.
Support is ongoing and assessed on an individual needs basis, with ongoing assessment of government guidelines as they happen.

2021 Timeline throughout COVID-19 Pandemic

Easing of Lockdown – April-October 2021
Support in 2021/2022 considered on a case by case basis in Cheshire and Greater Manchester areas only. Please request information and an update can be given based on current guidance if home visits need to be moved online.