The Elements of a Doula

Nikki Mather Doula
Hiring a doula can ensure you have the correct support for you-whether it is emotional support or practical, or maybe a combination of the two, alongside educational elements to ensure you can make an informed decision in your birth choices. Confidentiality is an important aspect of a doula’s work, and you can be assured your decisions will be supported, no matter what they are. For more information and doula support in Stockport, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and other North West areas please see the Doula Services page-get in touch if you do not see your area mentioned.In days gone by, mothers, aunts, friends, neighbours would provide the role of a doula to expectant mums without even having to think about it. Heating towels, cooling flannels, preparing nesting areas, fetching drinks and snacks. Listening, supporting, holding, nurturing mum into the transitional experience of birth.Why hire a doula? Well, it is quite simple really, who wouldn’t you want an extra pair of hands around, an extra listening ear, an extra shoulder to cry on…women and childbirth in the 21stC sometimes need additional support to enable informed decisions due to the diverse methods of intervention which are now available, but not always necessary and can, in the majority of births, be avoided with robust information to make informed birth decisions. An important element of being a  doula is the ability to listen to your concerns whilst making informed decisions, ensure you have the information to make those decisions and advocate for you where needed to ensure your voice is echoed.A doulas role is diverse-each birth is individual and therefore has different elements of need. Some may want a hands on approach in the home to support her family, older siblings and husband, while she births and gets to know her new baby in the early days-maybe cook a meal or two or fill your freezer with nutritional meals, some infant feeding or breastfeeding support or just to pop the washer on. Another element is purely emotional support, just ‘being there’ matters, listening to your story; consistent support is a primal need of human beings to feel reassured. The nurturing presence of a doula can support the transitional nature of birth and ensure the primal nature and privacy of birth are protected.

Nikki Mather is a Birth and Postnatal Doula providing doula support in Stockport, Wilmslow, Macclesfield, Knutsford and wider areas of Cheshire as well as other counties across the North West including Greater Manchester, Derbyshire and parts of West Yorkshire. Feel free to contact Nikki for more information