Feeding Support – IBCLC Home Visit
Feeding Support – IBCLC Home Visit

Feeding Support – IBCLC Home Visit




Breastfeeding Support & Bottle Feeding Support:
IBCLC Infant Feeding Assessment (reflux, tongue tie, general issues)


This one to one support session with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant is a great way for parents to access information about their baby’s feeding patterns, issues such as reflux, wind, positioning and attachment to breast or bottle, information regarding mixed feeding, expressing or other common questions. An outdoor breastfeeding support session can now be arranged if this is your preference.
Alternatively a remote support session can be accessed by Whatsapp, Zoom or phone call here

After purchasing the breastfeeding session you can directly contact Nikki to book a time convenient to you in order to discuss any issues you have encountered with your baby’s infant feeding needs, go through your experiences so far and find solutions to any problems we discover throughout the call or video chat.
After your visit you will have access to chat to Nikki about any plans put in place or ongoing support via Whatsapp or you can book further sessions as needed.

*Some areas of Greater Manchester and Cheshire may incur mileage fees
** This session can be remote or in person dependent on current guidance and preferences.