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My name is Nikki Mather, I am based in Alderley Edge, Cheshire and I invest my time in supporting families as a Birth Doula and Postnatal Doula, and a Doula UK Mentor Recognised by Doula UK.
I am available to offer your family confidential and discreet support as your birth doula or postnatal doula in pregnancy, birth and in the early weeks of your new journey. Standalone or bespoke packages are available and include emotional and practical support as well as infant feeding support when required.

If you are looking at investing in an independent, experienced Doula UK Recognised Birth Doula and Postnatal Doula in Cheshire
and beyond, I would like to invite you to take a look at the services available in your area for your family.

Alongside birth & postnatal doula services which can be tailored to your individual requirements, I also offer Antenatal Birth Preparation as a bespoke package, tailored to your needs, in private one to one sessions. Other workshops include breastfeeding & the early days with a newborn. Contact me for more details or see Workshops.


What families say about doula support


Greater Manchester

"Nikki is very knowledgeable, experienced and patient. Having her by my side during labour was very reassuring and she remains my go to person when I have any questions regarding breast feeding or parenting, more generally."



"Nikki provided me and my husband with so much reassurance and just allowed me to “talk out” my concerns and fear after my first birth, where I just lost all the control over my own body and decisions......such a lovely and memorable birth experience which still brings smile and goosebumps to my body when I remember it!"


Greater Manchester

“Having Nikki available has made a huge difference to us at the beginning of our son’s life. I have had to deal with a new job and I have been so reassured knowing that my wife and son have had her support while I have been working. I have great respect for her expertise and would definitely recommend her to anyone”

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