The Doula Element


When looking for doula support reviews and testimonials may be important to you. Here you will find some of the comments parents have passed onto me during my recognition process with Doula UK and beyond. Providing bespoke doula support is important to me and I hope these reviews offer a reflection of how I offer doula support. Please feel free to ask for references or a chat with previous clients.

Sam, Saddleworth

Nikki has been a constant source of support – from baby being 1 week old, to now at 8 months old. She basically taught me to breastfeed, built my confidence after a bad first experience of feeding, helped me navigate and problem solve tongue tie, tension, milk supply, pumping, sleep issues & wind – to name just a few issues we encountered on our very rocky road of breastfeeding!
Without her I wouldn’t still be feeding my baby. I can’t thank her enough for how generous she is with her time and advice. Her warm, caring, supportive manner made me feel completely at ease and I recommend her & her services to everyone who has had a baby!

Charu, Manchester

When I first got in touch with Nikki, I wasn’t sure what a doula was, but just knew that I needed one. And now, I can’t imagine not having Nikki to support me through my birth experience and afterwards, in my adventure as a new mum. 

Nikki drove me to the hospital when my waters broke. She was by my side from 11:30am that day until after Maximilian was born (1:30am the next morning), supporting me all the way, both physically and emotionally. She gave me the confidence to push back on hospital staff who were insisting on inducing labour and was instrumental in advocating for the kind of birth I wanted – a natural birth without any medical intervention.

Nikki is very knowledgeable, experienced and patient. Having her by my side during labour was very reassuring and she remains my go to person when I have any questions regarding breast feeding or parenting, more generally.”

Karlina, Cheshire

Nikki was part of our journey when I was pregnant with my 2nd baby. She was an amazing support throughout the process. Nikki provided me and my husband with so much reassurance and just allowed me to “talk out” my concerns and fear after my first birth, where I just lost all the control over my own body and decisions. She is warm and bubbly person with amazing knowledge and ability to bring calmness into your home. 

Nikki allowed me to have such a lovely and memorable birth experience which still brings smile and goosebumps to my body when I remember it! 

Thank you so much! 

Tim, father of two in Lancashire:

When Lyndsay suggested that we use a doula to support us through the birth of our second child, I have to admit to being sceptical. I wasn’t convinced that it was entirely necessary, even after what we went through with our first. However, meeting with Nikki to discuss what she could do for us helped me to understand that there is a lot of things that can happen that you don’t want to happen if you don’t have a voice when it matters – perhaps because you’re too busy having a baby, or worrying about someone else who’s having a baby. Nikki can be that voice, and also provide personal support to both parents during birth. Nikki gave brilliant support to both Lyndsay and myself and helped make our daughter’s entry into the world a much happier experience for everyone.

Lindsay’s thoughts on Pregnancy and Birth doula support:

I found Nikki via the Doula UK website. From the moment we met Nikki we felt comfortable in her presence, she is calming, knowledgeable and convivial but I also sensed in her a strength that we knew we needed in a doula. I knew Nikki would always remain professional when dealing with medical professionals but that she wouldn’t be a push over.  She is lovely and chatting with her is like chatting with an old friend – we decided straightaway that we didn’t need to interview any one else.

Considering how intimate a scenario birthing is, I felt totally At ease in Nikkis company and was confident she would help support and nurture us. Nikki understood how anxious I was throughout my pregnancy having had previous miscarriages and worked to allay my fears and keep me grounded. She is funny, personable and fearless

I can honestly say it is the best decision we made during our pregnancy. The road to having our son has been long and difficult and he is the most precious thing in our world. Nikki appreciated and acknowledged our concerns and fears and helped us to have the birth experience we so wanted. For anyone in a similar position as us, I would entirely recommend building a solid support team around you. Nikki was a core part of that team.

Dave says:

Doula support from Nikki was a real help to both me and Lindsay leading upto the birth, I knew and felt we had a third person fighting in our corner should we need to make any decisions in a rush or emergency. This allowed me to put most of my attention on helping my wife through with her hypno birthing. Plus we got some really good family photos of us as a family straight after the birth. Thank you so much.

Stephanie Easterby-Birth Experience with a doula:

I decided I would like female support through the pregnancy (husband was present also) and especially post natal. I had heard nothing but good press about them (doulas) and how statistically they can reduce your chances of intervention during labour.
My expectations were that they were to support me emotionally in any way I asked without judgement or imposing their views. Specialist treatments available such as massage, rebozo, aromatherapy etc depending on the doula’s speciality. Nikki did use the Rebozo on me which I think helped as we suspected back to back.
I hadn’t met Nikki before she turned up at the hospital where I was in labour (We didn’t meet before labour, we spoke briefly on the phone when I thought I was going into labour and she was very helpful. Nikki was also prompt in setting off to meet us as we live in York so there was a journey to make from Lancashire). She was very friendly, bright personality who remained calm and professional throughout. Her ability to read me and support my needs throughout the labour were fantastic. She said very little (which I requested) and gave me encouraging words when I asked and prompted her to do so (during transitional stage)
She mediated well with the midwives I had and was pro active and spontaneous at the end of the labour when needed. Nikki was with me the entire time, she sat back and respected my ‘quiet’ requests in the birth plan and was very good at ensuring I ate and drank enough during the labour. She also had good words of encouragement throughout.
Her knowledge was solid throughout and I relied on her during to give me the ‘back-up’ in decisions I was making at the time.
Mentions from a couple on their Postnatal Doula Support-
I wanted 121 support with breastfeeding and support for myself as I transitioned into motherhood – something that while I have a supportive husband and family, something I could trust a professional and like minded mother to understand my needs. My expectations were someone to coach me with my feeding, ‘mentor’ me with regards to specific issues I was facing as a mother. I expected a little bit of nurturing for myself and support for my husband. My husband was however rather sceptical about the idea of using a doula, with the notion that we supported each other as a family unit. Having looked around Nikkis website and looking up the information on Doula UK, I was happy that Nikki was the kind of Doula I would be happy with. 
I chose Nikki as I got on very well with her from the moment I met her. During the interview, I got a real sense of her professionalism, her deep knowledge and passion for what she does – and I could tell we were very like minded and would get on.Nikki helped both me and my husband emotionally. In ways we could never have expected.
Nikki acted as a ‘cheerleader’ encouraging me when I was feeling overwhelmed at times and providing me with lots of resources to read and back up any questions she answered with research. She provided lots of support to my husband and got his buy in immediately with the emotional support I was receiving. She was open to listening to my husband, who had come to experience elsewhere that other support avenues were just for the mother.
Nikki physically helped me with feeding, position, attachment etc.  Having been through some issues where my sons tongue tie was concerned, Nikki attended hospital appointment with me to advocate the problems I was experiencing and to ensure I received the care appropriate to the problems. This is something I wasn’t expecting and being in a state of upset / disappointment / scared / worried for my son, I was extremely appreciative of this.
Nikki constantly supported me with feeding post tongue tie division, and continues to do so given the issues we are continuing to face – Nikki is fabulous. Her personality lends itself well to the type of work she does. She is sensitive and calm, yet extremely knowledgeable and passionate at the same time. She has answered every single question with research for me to read or with something to show me to help me understand any theory required. I could not have invited a nicer, warm natured mother & doula into my home to help me in those first weeks. If it wasn’t for her, I would have stopped breastfeeding my son and we wouldn’t have had a resolution to his feeding issues. I will be forever thankful to her. She is a star!
The Mulryans on Breastfeeding Support…..I cannot thank you enough for all that you’ve done for me and my family on our breastfeeding journey! Iris is almost 8 months now and when I first found you she was only a tiny two months, we were having massive feeding issues so much so that I’d had to stop feeding her from the breast and was expressing around the clock to continue giving her my milk. We’re still breastfeeding now and although she’s doing really well with her food weaning we would not have made it here without your help, support and guidance. The peer support led groups/GPs etc had been lovely and helpful but none of them could help us get to the bottom of our issues (badly damaged nipples/bacterial infection/blood in her sick/agony for me/wincing when she stirred from her nap/not enjoying my baby/feeling down right miserable) and then we met you. You gave practical support (exaggerated latch/allergic reaction to lanolin), emotional support (hugs, showing genuine interest during my rants, late night messages) but most of all you spotted the signs that so many others missed…the re-attached tongue tie! Through putting us in touch with Charlotte (Milk Matters) you saved our journey, it was still a long road with osteopath treatment to follow the second snip, but by around 5 months we were back to feeding from the breast exclusively and I have no intentions of stopping before my little girl is ready! I honestly cannot thank you enough, you ought to be really proud of the work you do. Before I met you I’d heard of Doulas but had very little understanding of how they can help (I still probably don’t!) but I now know how much you have helped me and my family in giving our littlest baby the best start in life and for that we’ll all be forever grateful! Big loves and hugs, Helen, Stephen, Sonny and Iris xxxx

Lisa on Breastfeeding Support:
I first heard about Nikki when my daughter was 4 weeks old when Milk Matters recommended her for local support. We’d struggled with breastfeeding since she was born and I was at breaking point. From the moment we first spoke on the phone, Nikki made things seem better. Hearing how desperate I was, she was with us within the hour. That night I finally ‘got’ how to breastfeed my daughter and the days that followed saw a transformation in our breastfeeding relationship.

The genuine care Nikki has for her ladies and babies and what she does shines through. This is combined with her practical approach and excellent up to date knowledge (I’m the kind of mum who wants to know ‘why’ and what the latest research is). What she has given us is not just practical help but also emotional support and confidence in myself to carry on breastfeeding. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be breastfeeding now without Nikki’s help.

I wish I’d known about Nikki and the support doulas offer much earlier – I’ll definitely be booking her in for baby number two when the time comes!

Mums Thoughts:
Having birth doula support, Nikki helped talk me through different types of labour, pain control options, what to expect etc. from my second birth after a traumatic experience first time. I was very happy with Nikki for the support and reassurance she gave me and she was there for me as and when I needed her and kept in regular phone contact. Nikki helped me at the hospital to deal with the difficulties I encountered with the midwife and hospital staff surrounding my birth choices and comforted me and helped to keep me as relaxed. She was lovely and very calming and helped to keep me relaxed before and during labour. I would hire Nikki again if I have more babies.

Dad Says:
She helped to keep my wife as calm as possible which was great because she was nervous given her traumatic experience with our first childs birth

Virginia’s experience of hiring a doula:
Nikki is very calm and kind and has really helped me to remain positive despite some issues with breastfeeding. I can honestly say that without her support I would not be persevering. She has given me very good and clear direction about breastfeeding and has been able to sensitively and clearly help me with the physical issues surrounding latching the baby on- she has been very patient with showing me different techniques to help. Nikki is very knowledgable and empathetic and I have felt very supported by her. I am much more confident in my ability to look after my son because of her involvement.  I haven’t needed Nikki to do very much in the way of tidying/cooking etc but it hasn’t gone unnoticed that she has unobtrusively just tidied the kitchen up a little bit without being asked and she makes a lovely cup of tea! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. The experience of having a post natal doula has been incredibly positive for our family and I am so pleased that we found her.

Niall says:

“Having Nikki available has made a huge difference to us at the beginning of our son’s life. I have had to deal with a new job and I have been so reassured knowing that my wife and son have had her support while I have been working. I have great respect for her expertise and would definitely recommend her to anyone”

Katherine’s experience:

Nikki has provided a wide range of support without which I would have felt very lost. Practically, she referred me to relevant professional contacts for babywearing, my daughters tongue tie and reflux issues. She has supported me with breastfeeding through tongue tie and attachment and positioning problems. Nikki has also cooked meals, cleaned our home and run errands for us. Emotionally, I have found her invaluable. I was very shocked by a difficult delivery and Nikki has patiently given me the space and time to process what happened without imposing her own view. She has allowed me time and space to work out how I felt about it. I have been able to do this without pressurising my relationship with my husband who also initially struggled to come to terms with a fairly negative experience.

Her help with breastfeeding has meant I have been able to continue to feed my daughter, something I am very committed to and which I know for certain I would not have been able to do without her. Nikki has been to our home a couple of times late in the evening or weekend when Astrid would not settle and this was was so helpful and reassuring.

Our experience with Nikki has given us confidence as parents and helped us feel like a family. I have felt prepared for difficult periods such as growth spurts etc and this has meant I haven’t freaked out or become anxious. Nikki has referred me to reputable primary sources on the internet such as ISIS newborn sleep website when I have asked questions about my daughters sleep patterns etc and this has meant I haven’t worried about some of the more controversial aspects of parenting such as sleep training and co-sleeping etc. I have also been able to discuss advice other mums, friends and family members have given me and work out what kind of mum I am and how I want to parent Astrid.

Nikki is great. She is supportive without bring too directive and has helped us to find out own way as parents. She does not encroach on our family but we feel that she has had such a positive influence on our family unit. She has a lot of knowledge and this is backed up with a kind and warm-hearted personality. I feel encouraged by Nikki and confident and positive about parenting when she leaves us!

Spencer says:

Nikki has been a calming presence for my wife and has provided us with essential guidance and doula support. Our first 10 weeks as first time parents has been made immeasurably easier because we decided to have Nikki as a Doula.

Tessa’s experience with postnatal doula support:

Nikki’s doula support has really helped reduce stress when my husband returned to work after paternity leave. Having two older children in the house and coping with a new baby would have been far more difficult on my own. Nikki batch cooked meals for us so we could freeze what we didn’t eat, which meant the time she put in saved me precious hours not just while she was there but for future days too. She helped entertain the older children, leaving me time to bond with my new baby and put my feet up for a while.

Nikki also gave me valuable breastfeeding support. Even being a third time mum, things aren’t always straightforward, and breastfeeding was a little tricky due to my daughter having a tongue and upper lip tie. Although I had already been referred for this by my health visitor, Nikki was really helpful with extra advice on how to make the feeding easier in the interim, and particularly helpful with information and support when I experienced a blocked duct. I did quite a lot of research into breastfeeding positions and ‘laid back breastfeeding’ and it was nice to have somebody with the knowledge and experience to discuss these ideas with too.

Nikki has a warm and caring personality and unobtrusively fits her actions around the needs of her client. I really appreciated her help in the early weeks and enjoyed my family that bit more because of the extra time and support this gave me.

Michelle & Alex on postnatal doula support:

No matter how many books we read, nothing could have prepared us for the responsibility, challenges and unpredictability of a newborn. It is an exhilarating time- fantastic yet exhausting and anxious. Nikki has been a wealth of sound technical information, helpful practical support and information and most of all reassurance. Our transition into parenthood has been made all the much more smoother as a result of Nikki being on hand to help. I put our success at breastfeeding partly down to Nikki whose support on expressing, engorgement, latch and positions was invaluable. Her manner is non judgmental, non invasive and calming, inspiring confidence in oneself. Nikki was recommended to us and we have no hesitation in doing the same.