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The Baby Element

In search of private breastfeeding support in Cheshire? My tailored and bespoke workshops are just the thing to troubleshoot any infant feeding issues you may be experiencing – working through them in the comfort of your own home, on Zoom or in my Lactation Consultant Clinic ‘The Baby Element’ in Wilmslow.

My sessions cover:

  • The biological and practical aspects of breastfeeding
  • Positioning and attachment
  • What to expect in the early days
  • Breast milk: expressing and storage
  • Tips and tricks to overcome issues 
  • Full infant feeding assessment including tongue tie, reflux, colic etc.
  • Safe supplemental milk preparation, cleaning and disinfection of equipment

Breastfeeding support packages:

Remote – Available on Zoom for families anywhere in the UK and abroad – a time can be arranged via WhatsApp. 

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One-on-one infant feeding support – If you prefer to have one-to-one breastfeeding support in your own home (Northwest based), I offer private sessions which are tailored to suit your needs and can range from 40-minutes to a few hours. I also support families who have chosen to bottle feed their babies.

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Overnight support – I offer breastfeeding support anytime of the day or night, 7 days a week, for the first 6 weeks after birth to guide you through your feeding choice. Plus, I can refer you to any specialised breastfeeding support if needed.

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I am well connected with relevant healthcare professionals so can signpost to specialist advice (if needed) in the NHS or to a Frenulotomy Specialist for more complex issues such as tongue tie.