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Weaning Workshop and Introducing Solids

Weaning Workshop and Introducing Solids

I love working alongside parents as they introduce solid food to their baby’s nutrition. Milk is the main source of nutrition until 12 months and from around 6 months babies can begin the exciting journey of experimenting with tastes and textures. Working alongside you we can build a menu of tasty treats based on the dietary requirements and needs of your family.

Whilst baby learns to safely chew and swallow as they practice with different textures and move on from milk at 12 months old, you’ll have support along the way.

Perfect timing or this Weaning Workshop would be around 6 months, or when your baby is showing signs of being ready for trialling out different textures. It can be ran at your home or on Zoom.

Signs of readiness

  • They are able to sit up independently or with some support
  • Whilst sitting they can hold their head up steady
  • They’re able to reach out, pick items up
  • They can bring toys and other items to their mouth with coordination
  • They may have started gnawing and chewing on toys and fingers
  • They’re showing interest and attempting to take items from your plate at dinner!